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UCF is big — really big. It awards more degrees per year than any other Florida university — 15,000! Students here get an incredibly broad selection of academics. The university offers 119 bachelor’s degrees, and 200 majors in 213 colleges. The most popular five majors are Health Sciences (pre-clinical), Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Nursing and Mechanical Engineering.

You’ll find a focus on teaming up with community partners, digging into research and bringing technology and learning together. Appropriately, UCF’s biggest college is the College of Sciences, with 22 bachelor degree programs and 23 graduate programs that range from Forensic Science to Physics.

There’s also a mammoth College of Engineering and Computer Science, where students are busy creating 3-D printed robotic arms and developing artificial intelligence. Or you can get more practical experience with an internship at Central Florida Research Park — right next door — or with other UCF partners like Lockheed Martin.


UCF has more students than any other Florida university — in fact, it’s one of the biggest in America, with 56,972 undergraduate students, 8,726 graduate students and 485 medical students. With students from 50 states and 154 countries, diversity is all around — 45.8% of students are of minority background, and 24.9% of Hispanic descent.

The state-of-the-art campus is 13 miles from downtown Orlando. Students gather at the central Student Union to eat and socialize. Plans are underway to expand the food court and add lounge space. With options to live on campus for all, nearly 12,000 students live in traditional suites or luxury apartments.

Clubs and activities abound. Join the International Student Association to ease into U.S. university life. That leaves 599 more options, from Advocates for World Health to the Art and Animation Society. Keep your calendar full, too. Attend a resume workshop, a marimba concert or a basketball game.


I love the fact that to say you have international friends is pretty cool. Having a network of friends from around the world is unique. We have become really close. Maybe someday I’ll be able to call an old friend from India to visit.
- Lina, Colombia


Because hands-on learning is as important as theory, UCF supports practical experiences that help students launch successful careers. Some 20,000 students participate in co-ops, internships and service-learning projects each year. And when you’re ready to graduate, UCF Career Services is there to help. During the 2016–2017 school year, the UCF Career Services team supported more than 35,000 students through their job-search process. With lunch-and-learn sessions, job fairs, career counseling, alumni connections, industry partnerships and more, UCF is well-positioned to support you for life beyond college.


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