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Academics at Ole Miss International

The state’s flagship university, otherwise known as Ole Miss, combines academic leadership with unique research opportunities. In 2017-2018, Ole Miss was awarded $134 million in sponsored research. In addition, the university was named in the Top 100 Best Business Programs (U.S. News & World Report, 2018). From a liberal arts college with almost 40 degree programs to an accountancy school that consistently ranks among the nation’s top 10, the University of Mississippi offers academic degrees to suit any student.

Life at Ole Miss International

Named one of the Top 50 Best College Campuses in America (, 2018), Ole Miss has 300 student organizations. Ready to stay active? Attend a yoga class in Group Fitness Studio 305 or run a lap on the jogging track at the Turner Center. Ole Miss loves football, but the Historic Houses complex and the Ford Center for Performing Arts lend their artistic influence on the school’s campus. The Ole Miss community gives students the opportunity to get involved in causes they care about or spend time engaging in activities they love.

At most other campuses, you’re just a number, whereas here I don’t feel that way, especially in my department. In a big way, your department becomes your university experience.
- Jongile, Hospitality Management, South Africa

Careers At Ole Miss International

Ole Miss dedicates itself to helping students find their success. Ninety-three percent of students are employed two years after graduation (, 2019). A famously literary community and a haven for academics, Oxford’s environment is thriving for new businesses. Adweek even named the town as one of the six areas taking down Silicon Valley. Ole Miss alumni make their mark in international publications, teach with the Peace Corps and become leaders in technology and fashion.


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