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With over 235 academic fields of study, Louisiana State University can help you find the perfect major to match your passions. From the College of Agriculture, Coast and Environment, Engineering, to Music and Dramatic Arts and Veterinary School, Louisiana State University will make sure you find your home in the classroom. Not sure of your career path? LSU offers a guide for incoming students who are undecided in their career aspirations. Do you love technology? Learning from our world’s past? Do you want to work with people? Save the planet? LSU has a program for that.

LSU also offers students who plan on pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees an opportunity to combine their undergraduate and graduate degrees with their Academic Fast-Track program to save time and money on the path to their dream career. The Fast-Track program applies to careers including Biological Engineering, Pre-law, Secondary Education, and more.



in Petroleum Engineering

U.S. News & World Report, 2018

/ Courses

Sports, Fitness and Nutrition

  • Kinesiology: Human Movement Science
  • Kinesiology: Sports Studies
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences: Dietetics
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences: Food Science and Technology
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences: Nutrition, Health, and Society
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences: Nutritional Sciences/Pre-medicine
  • Sport Administration: Sport Commerce
  • Sport Administration: Sport Leadership
  • Athletic Training
  • Kinesiology: Fitness Studies


  • Mathematics: Without Concentration
  • Microbiology
  • Physics: Astronomy
  • Physics: Medical Physics
  • Physics: Physics and Second Discipline
  • Physics: Without Concentration
  • Sociology: Criminology
  • Sociology: Without Concentration
  • Coastal Environmental Science: Environmental Science and Research
  • Environmental Management Systems: Environmental Analysis and Risk Management
  • Environmental Management Systems: Policy Analysis
  • Environmental Management Systems: Resource Conservation
  • Geology: Environmental Geology
  • Geology: Geophysics
  • Geology: Without Concentration
  • Mathematics: Actuarial Science
  • Mathematics: Applied/Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematics: Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematics: Mathematical Statistics
  • Biological Sciences: Without Concentration
  • Chemistry: Biological Chemistry
  • Chemistry: Chemical Physics
  • Chemistry: Chemistry and Second Discipline
  • Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry
  • Chemistry: Materials
  • Chemistry: Polymers
  • Chemistry: Pre-professional Chemistry
  • Chemistry: Secondary Education
  • Chemistry: Without Concentration
  • Coastal Environmental Science: Applied Coastal Environmental Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Biological Sciences: Marine Biology
  • Biological Sciences: Secondary Education

Nursing, Health, Care and Sociology

  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Pre-medical Technology
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Pre-nursing
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Pre-occupational Therapy
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Pre-Pharmacy
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Pre-physical Therapy
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree)*: Cardiopulmonary Science
  • Child and Family Studies: Without Concentration
  • Communication Disorders
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Clinical Lab Science - Medical Tech
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Dental Hygiene
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Dental Lab Technician
  • Allied Health (pre-professional/non-degree): Physician's Assistant

Music, Theater and the Arts

  • Studio Art: Painting and Drawing
  • Studio Art: Photography
  • Studio Art: Printmaking
  • Studio Art: Sculpture
  • Theatre: Arts Administration
  • Theatre: Design/Technology
  • Theatre: Film and Television
  • Theatre: Performance
  • Theatre: Physical Theatre
  • Theatre: Theatre Studies
  • Music (BM): String
  • Music (BM): Voice
  • Music (BM): Woodwind
  • Music (BME): Instrumental
  • Music (BME): Vocal
  • Studio Art
  • Studio Art: Ceramics
  • Studio Art: Digital Art
  • Studio Art: Graphic Design
  • Music (BA)
  • Music (BA): Experimental Music and Digital Media
  • Music (BM): Brass
  • Music (BM): Composition
  • Music (BM): Harp
  • Music (BM): Organ
  • Music (BM): Percussion
  • Music (BM): Piano Pedagogy
  • Music (BM): Piano Performance

Liberal Arts

  • Spanish: Without Concentration
  • Mass Communication: Political Communication
  • Mass Communication: Public Relations
  • Philosophy: Law, Ethics, and Social Justice
  • Philosophy: Religious Studies
  • Philosophy: Without Concentration
  • Psychology
  • Liberal Arts: African and African-American Studies
  • Liberal Arts: Art History
  • Liberal Arts: Classical Civilization
  • Liberal Arts: Disaster Science and Management
  • Liberal Arts: Film and Media Arts
  • Liberal Arts: Women's and Gender Studies
  • Mass Communication: Digital Advertising
  • Mass Communication: Journalism
  • Geography (BS): Geographic Information Science
  • Geography (BS): Without Concentration
  • History: Without Concentration
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Health Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Leadership and Society
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Studies in Organizations
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Writing and Performing Arts
  • Geography (BA): Geographic Information Science
  • Geography (BA): Without Concentration
  • Geography (BS)
  • Geography (BS): Disaster Science and Management
  • English: Creative Writing
  • English: English Secondary Education
  • English: Literature
  • English: Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture
  • French: Without Concentration
  • Geography (BA)
  • Geography (BA): Disaster Science and Management
  • Anthropology
  • Communication Studies

Law, International Relations and Politics

  • Political Science: International Politics and Law
  • Political Science: Law and Legal Systems
  • Political Science: Political Analysis
  • Political Science: Political Theory
  • Political Science: Public Policy
  • Political Science: Race and Politics
  • Political Science: Without Concentraction
  • International Studies: Global Studies
  • International Studies: Latin America
  • International Studies: Middle East
  • Political Science
  • Political Science: American Government and Politics
  • Political Science: Campaigns and Elections
  • Political Science: Comparative Government and Politics
  • International Studies: Environment and Development
  • International Studies: Europe
  • International Studies: Global Cultures
  • International Studies: Global Diplomacy
  • International Studies: Africa
  • International Studies: Asia

Fashion, Design and Merchandising

  • Textiles/Apparel/Merchandising: Apparel Design
  • Textiles/Apparel/Merchandising: Merchandising
  • Textiles/Apparel/Merchandising: Textile Science


  • Dual-Certification General/Special Education (Grades 1-5)
  • Elementary Grades Education: 4-year Teacher Certification
  • Elementary Grades Education: 5-year Teacher Certification with Master's Degree
  • French: Secondary Education
  • History: Secondary Education
  • Kinesiology: Health and Physical Education Teacher Certification
  • Mathematics: Secondary Education
  • Physics: Secondary Education
  • PK-3 Teacher Certification
  • Spanish: Secondary Education
  • Agricultural Education (Grades 6-12): Leadership and Communication
  • Agricultural Education (Grades 6-12): Teaching and Learning
  • Agriculture & Extension Education: Extension and Non-Formal Education
  • Agriculture & Extension Education: Teaching in Formal Education

Business, Finance and Economics

  • General Business
  • Human Resource Education: Human Resource and Leaderhsip Development
  • Information Systems and Decision Sciences: Business Intelligence
  • Information Systems and Decision Sciences: Information Technology
  • International Trade and Finance: Empirical Economic Analysis
  • International Trade and Finance: Without Concentration
  • Management: Entrepreneurship
  • Management: Human Resource Management
  • Management: Management
  • Marketing: Professional Sales
  • Accounting
  • Economics: Empirical Economic Analysis
  • Economics: Without Concentration
  • Finance

Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife

  • Plant and Soil Systems: Landscape Management
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Soil Science
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Sustainable Production Systems
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Turf and Landscape Management
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Turfgrass Management
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Urban Entomology
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Wetland Science
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Wildlife Ecology
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Wildlife Habitat Conservation
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Wildlife Law Enforcement
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Agricultural Pest Management/Entomology
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Agricultural Pest Management/Plant Pathology
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Crop Science
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Environmental Horticulture
  • Plant and Soil Systems: Horticulture Science
  • Agricultural Business: International Business
  • Agricultural Business: Rural Development
  • Agricultural Business: Without Concentration
  • Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Science: Animal Science
  • Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Science: Dairy Foods Technology
  • Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Science: Dairy Producation
  • Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Science: Poultry Science
  • Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Science: Pre-veterinary Medicine
  • Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Science: Science and Technology
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Conservation Biology
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Ecological Restoration
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Forest Enterprise
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Forest Resource Management
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management: Pre-veterinary Medicine - Wildlife and
  • Agricultural Business: Agribusiness Finance
  • Agricultural Business: Food Industry Management

Architecture, Art and Design

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture

Life at LSU

We want your time at Louisiana State to be the best time of your life. With a student population of 31,414 students, you’re bound to find someone who shares the same interests as you. LSU boasts nearly 500 student organizations, so you’re bound to find a tribe of people who share your interests. In fact, LSU wants to help you fully develop and nourish your passions, which is why they created the LSU Discover program, a program that aims to support all undergraduate students by engaging in mentored scholarship, original research, or creative endeavors. When you’re not exploring your passions on campus and in the classroom, you might find yourself joining the ranks of Volunteer LSU students making a difference in the Baton Rouge community, enjoying crawfish, boiled shrimp, and jambalaya while tailgating before a big football game, or scoring a selfie with the famous mascot Mike the Tiger.

About Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Landscape Architecture in the Nation

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When you want to explore Louisiana: Take a day trip to New Orleans, home to some of the world’s best cuisine, music, culture, and history.
When you need a breathe of fresh air: Head to LSU's Agriculture Center Botanical Gardens, which is perfect for a quiet reading spot or a peaceful walk.
When you need to satisfy your sweet tooth: Recruit friends for a mission to find the best beignet in New Orleans. Extra powdered sugar please.

" The Business Program has its own building that’s a very big part of LSU, and the professors are very professional and helpful. Some of them are Chinese. For some of them, English is their second language, so they speak more slowly and you can ask them questions after class in their office hours. That is very helpful. "

- Xuejiao, China

Careers at LSU

The Louisiana State University Olinde Career Center aims to help all Tigers, both past and present, identify and pursue career paths that encourage their talents and passions. LSU offers its students the ability to find and apply for jobs and internships through the Careers2Geaux portal, an online service where students and alumni can post their resumes for LSU’s career coaches to review, sign up for mock interviews, submit applications, request appointments with a campus career coach, and more. LSU also offers students the opportunity to participate in the Career Peer Program where peer mentors assist fellow students through education and advice in a one-on-one setting. LSU’s Career Center also hosts networking events for each area of study where corporations who have partnered with LSU are represented and can offer students work experience through internships, part-time jobs, and co-ops so students can get a taste of life in their field before graduation.

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