UofSC Student Lands Dream Internship at Ernst & Young

University of South Carolina
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By Shorelight Team
Last updated on July 11, 2023

How can the Shorelight Career Accelerator Program help you get your dream internship? Just ask Indonesian study abroad student Reynard from UofSC.

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All international students experience change as part of their journey to the US to study at university. Reynard, a University of South Carolina junior from Jakarta, Indonesia, is no exception. And it has been more than a geographical journey for the Indonesian study abroad student: He says it has also been a rewarding personal transformation that is setting him up for career success. 

“Back in high school, I would always take a backseat,” says Reynard. “But then when I got here, basically I became this really active student.”

The Indonesian international student experienced this shift once he began his studies at the University of South Carolina (UofSC). He is majoring in media arts with a double-minor in business administration and computer science and hopes to work in game design or film production.

Reaching New Heights with the UofSC Career Accelerator Program

“I’ve seen myself grow,” Reynard says. He got involved in campus clubs, he made the dean’s list, and he landed his dream internship at Ernst & Young Indonesia this past summer.

And he owes it to the Career Accelerator Program (CAP), an exclusive Shorelight service designed for international students. CAP gave Reynard confidence and job preparation skills for his internship. 

The Career Accelerator Program made me more confident in myself on the possibilities that I could reach.” — Reynard, Media Arts 2021, UofSC

“The program helped me get a sense of how to deal with the professional environment,” the Indonesian study abroad student says. “It got me prepared on how to do an elevator speech and it helped me create my resume, which actually led to me being accepted by EY.” 

Gaining Experience, Building a Resume

The internship at Ernst & Young, one of the world’s leading finance and consulting firms, has offered Reynard many ways to grow through practical experiences that will benefit him throughout his career. 

“I learned a lot of new things,” he said of his role as a People Advisory Services Intern. “What it’s like being in an office environment and how to act professionally with bosses, managers, and coworkers—plus, the importance of doing due diligence background research on potential clients.” 

From arriving on campus and meeting new friends to gaining valuable workplace skills, Reynard highly recommends the top-ranked university in Columbia, South Carolina, to his fellow international students. 

“I would recommend USC for students who are looking for great academic programs with a beautiful campus,” he says. “There are lots of friendly faces to meet and lots of people who want to meet you.” 

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