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Indian Indonesian Study Abroad Student Finds Home at UIC

Indian Indonesian study abroad student is bound for a successful future as a result of University of Illinois at Chicago’s Career Accelerator Program.

KhyatiIndonesiaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

As an Indian Indonesian study abroad student at University of Illinois at Chicago, Khyati has had the opportunity to experience multiple types of learning, including professional skills development designed to guide her toward her future career.

Her work as an academic subject tutor, orientation leader, and resident assistant is developing hands-on networking and collaboration skills that she’ll bring with her to the workforce.

Learning by Doing

Growing up in Indonesia, Khyati’s learning journey has been dual-focused. “India’s education concentrates on studying theory, while Indonesia’s classes were more hands on,” explains the bioengineering student currently studying at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). “Now, I have the best of both worlds.”

As Membership Chair & Mentor of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Khyati works directly with her fellow students, who will become important professional contacts in the future.

“Collaborating with my peers in the biomedical engineering society has allowed me to work with some remarkable people,” the international undergrad student says.

So Much to Learn

During her time at UIC, her interests continue to grow. “My passion lies in bioengineering,” the Indian study abroad student says. “But my studies here have shown me new areas of science, like a love for chemistry that I never knew existed.”

One-on-one guidance from a Career Accelerator Program (CAP) advisor helps students like Khyati identify career options by developing a career action plan and steering their coursework toward their goals.

At UIC, I find a home that combines my two cultural backgrounds, giving me the theory I love and the practical learning I need.” —Khyati, UIC BS 2020

While she works toward her degree, Khyati is applying to internship and research opportunities in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and computer science fields. Resume and cover letter support, written and oral communication training, optional workshops, and mentorships all go into working toward each students’ desired career.

Pathways to Success

Working with Career Accelerator advisors gives students like Khyati the opportunity to build crucial social media, networking, and job seeking skills. Company tours, career fairs, internship support, and placement assistance bring them one step closer to the career of their dreams.

“No matter what I’m doing in the future: creating a medicine that will save someone’s life, or building a prosthetic that will change someone’s life,” the Indian undergrad student says, “I know I’ll be ready.”

Learn more about the ways UIC’s Career Accelerator will help you create a great career while you earn your degree.