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International Students Should Plan to Be On Campus in Fall 2021

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By Tom Dretler
Last updated on March 18, 2021

As more people receive coronavirus vaccinations, US universities make plans to fully reopen. Shorelight CEO Tom Dretler predicts that demand will be high and recommends that international students apply and make travel plans now.

A female international student wearing a face mask gets the coronavirus vaccine at her US university health center from a doctor wearing a face mask while a fellow international student wearing a mask looks on

This fall, international students should plan on studying in the US in person and on campus. Allowing students to study in person is a priority not just for university leaders and staff, but also the new Biden administration. We have seen on-campus instruction proceed safely so far this year, with increasing vaccine rollouts, dedicated distribution plans, and a commitment to student health and safety. US universities and institutions are taking all the right steps — and implementing the right policies — to welcome international students again.

Because increased vaccinations will enable our campuses to fully reopen, demand will be high, both for domestic and international students. So, it’s wise for international students to do what they can to secure their spots now:

  • Assume you’ll be studying in person.

  • Apply sooner, not later.

  • Do not wait to send in deposits in case space runs out, and begin travel plans and visa arrangements as soon as possible.

  • If you are able to enroll and travel even sooner (e.g., as early as summer), it will put you in a better position.  

Let’s take a closer look at what’s coming with vaccinations, so you can proceed with confidence — and deliberate speed.

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