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Adelphi MBA Student’s Advice Helps Classmates Feel Empowered

Adelphi University
By Shorelight Team
Last updated on November 8, 2022

Malathi, an international Adelphi MBA student, finds meaning through the university’s Career Accelerator program.

MalathiIndiaAdelphi University

Watching the ways her family made an impact helping those in need in her home country, Indian study abroad student Malathi, MBA 2019, has always been inspired to help others. Through her job search, the Adelphi University MBA student looked for ways she could make a difference for her fellow students.

This led her to apply for the role of Academic Coach for Bridges to Adelphi, a campus group that helps students on the autism spectrum adjust to life on campus. As a Learning Strategist, Malathi empowered spectrum students with the confidence to succeed.

The Right Tools for the Job

Campus employment is an amazing way to get involved in the community and make a difference, while adding valuable skills to your CV. Even as a current student, getting hired involved a rigorous application and interview process. Adelphi’s Career Accelerator program helped Malathi prepare, assisting with everything from submitting the application to acing three rounds of interviews.

“Even though I am studying finance, I think it is important to invest my time in helping others and giving them the attention they deserve. That is how I believe our society will grow into a better place.” —Malathi, MBA 2019 , Adelphi

“I had prepared my resume and cover letter at workshops held by AUI’s Career Accelerator,” said the Indian MBA student. “I felt prepared to interview, especially when they asked me questions regarding certain situations and how I would react.” During your time at Adelphi, preparation and support, professional experiences, and preparation all serve to increase confidence when applying for that dream job. Programs, workshops, and guest speakers offer different perspectives about all the ways you can put your skills into practice in the global workplace.

The Start of Something Big

The work she has done as an international student at Adelphi is just the beginning for Malathi. “The journey has been absorbing and I hope the same for the future,” she said. “The leadership skills I earned from the leadership certificate program helped me land successfully in my role.” Career service resources give students like Malathi the tools to build a social media presence; while career-oriented workshops and networking, résumé and cover letter support, written and oral communication skills, all add to the program’s success.

Company tours, career fairs, internship support, and placement assistance build a better understanding of desired career goals. It’s all part of a program designed to help international students succeed in the real world.

“My education has given me experience and a well-formulated background to practically apply to the workplace,” says Malathi. Her newfound skills will serve her well in the ever-changing world of business, whatever she chooses to do with her MBA.

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