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Shorelight Global REACH™ Technology Platform.

Shorelight Education, a technology-enabled organization supporting the higher education aspirations of international students across the globe, is built upon Shorelight Global REACHTM, a platform which leverages technology to enrich services and processes to provide value to students, university partnerships and channel partners.

The Shorelight Global REACHTM platform is designed with students in mind, and is fueled by innovative technology that enables a powerful user experience. “REACH” is an acronym that reflects the student lifecycle that Shorelight’s technology infrastructure helps support: Research, Enroll, Acclimate, Complete, Hire. The platform consists of technology solutions that relate to each individual leg of the student journey, which results in a streamlined, improved experience for all stakeholders and increased efficiency within Shorelight’s operating model.

Shorelight has a long-term strategic roadmap for its technology platform of solutions that ensures student success, with a focus on adding value to the student experience, achieving operational scalability, and creating an ecosystem of connected tools for students, parents, administrators, and counselors. Additional announcements are planned in the year ahead.