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Shorelight CEO Speaks at the ASU GSV Summit.

CEO and Co-founder of Shorelight Education, Tom Dretler, spoke at the ASU GSV Summit on May 8, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference brings together the smartest and most influential Learning & Talent Tech minds from around the world. He and his co-presenter, University of Utah Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (SVPAA), Ruth Watkins, delivered a presentation about their shared commitment to student success through technology.

Tom Dretler (left) speaks with his co-presenter, Ruth Watkins (right) from the University of Utah. 

“At Shorelight, we find ourselves at the intersection of international education and technology,” said Dretler. “We want the students to succeed, and we know that we need technology to do that at scale.”

The presentation was listed on the Leader’s Track, which consists of the world’s best public and private education and talent companies that exceed $250 million in valuation.

“We are focused very sharply on our work as a research university, but also on the success of our students,” said Watkins. “That is one of the key factors that attracted us to Shorelight.”

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Scalable, Borderless Higher Education – New Global Models, Ready or Not
Dretler also served on the panel “Scalable, Borderless Higher Education – New Global Models, Ready or Not,” to discuss international student mobility and the flexibility of business models to seize the opportunity to reach students globally at scale.

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“At Shorelight, we have the Global REACH platform. It’s an acronym for how we think about the student lifecycle: Research, Enroll, Acclimate, Complete, Hire. Then we provide digital, personalized support to the student throughout the lifecycle,” Dretler explained. “We focus on digital marketing, hybrid delivery, and technology-enabled services. Even before a student decides they want to come to one of our partner universities, they are already being supported by the platform. We believe this will help achieve better student outcomes, and ensure student success at scale.”

Learn more about Shorelight Global REACH here.