Whether you’re exploring the latest advancements in 3D printing technology or studying the aerodynamic design behind today’s fastest jets, a degree in an engineering or science-related field has high-growth career prospects for the future.

Why Study in the US?

Why study here? The U.S. is home to many of the world’s pioneering achievements in technology, business, and the arts.

Four U.S. cities lead the world in research and technology: San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.


Class sizes typically range from 10 to 20 students, allowing for personalized learning and valuable relationships with your peers.

Professors may work closely with you on coursework or an independent project, and may become your mentor in your academic journey.


Universities in the U.S. promote the values of diversity and academic freedom for all students. You’re invited to voice your perspective and contribute to the discussion.

Participate in an internship to gain real-world experience in your field of study.


Shorelight supports you during every stage of the admissions process, from researching schools to your first day on campus.

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Follow your passion at one of our partner universities.

The Shorelight Way

Our mission is to provide every Shorelight student a rewarding educational experience at a leading university in the United States.

Personalized Support

Our team of advisors and counselors support you during every step of your educational journey—from researching schools to your first day on campus, and beyond.

Top Universities

From New York to California, we work with leading universities who share our vision for a better international learning experience.

Exceptional Programs

Shorelight teams up with top universities to offer thousands of majors and concentrations—ranging from business to STEM to the arts.